Q3 Insights Recap: Proactive responses to constant change
Leading advertisers are adjusting the way they do things to meet consumers where they are—while also addressing external disruptors. This quarter, brands are contending with a growing appetite for omnichannel experiences, the highest inflation rate Canada has seen in almost 20 years, and a fractured global supply chain that’s making it harder to deliver products on time.
Trends & Opportunities
As customers return with enthusiasm to in-person shopping, they continue to enjoy the convenience of digital retail experiences—this means every channel matters.
Consumers aren’t just changing habits, they’re also watching their spending—because inflation hasn’t been this high in almost two decades.
Inflation rates in September
Brands can win customer trust this holiday season by keeping the products they need well priced and well stocked —staying ahead of supply chain issues.
Categories at risk of running out of stock
Holiday and gift
Home decor and furnishings
Luggage and backpacks
Clothing, shoes, and apparel

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Sources: PwC, Retail Insider, Statistics Canada, Walmart 1P data
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