Retail media’s flywheel of investment with Dana Toering
Retail media offers unique strengths, an omnichannel advantage, exciting future trends, and unparalleled first party data, increasingly more important as the signals marketers leverage today diminish. Our VP of Walmart Connect Canada, Dana Toering, joins host John Wiltshire, President and CEO at the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA), on CMA Connect to discuss the evolving retail media landscape. Tune in to learn why retail media truly stands to be an important channel today and in the future.

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The CMA Connect podcast is the voice of the Canadian marketing community empowering discussions with industry leaders about the rapidly changing world of marketing. Listen in to hear answers to the questions no one else is asking.
Understanding consumers behaviours for a better CX
2 min 10 secs
The Omnichannel Experience & Omni ROAS
1 min 55 secs
Future Trends for Retail Media
2 min 25 secs
Privacy, Diminishing Signal Strength, and First Party Data
3 min 23 secs
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