What is a Retail Media Network with Dana Toering of Walmart Canada
Dana Toering, the VP of Walmart Connect Canada, joins Corby Fine on the podcast - Fine Tune with Corby Fine to discuss “What is a Retail Media Network.” With more and more people shopping online, retail media just makes sense, but what exactly is it and how/why should brands integrate it into their marketing and advertising strategies? Tune in to learn about Walmart Connect, retail media and how it’s evolving into a major platform that cannot be ignored.

Fine Tune with Corby Fine is a podcast dedicated to innovative ideas, opinions and examples to address all kinds of different challenges, while identifying opportunities to help brands innovate and succeed.
The Evolving Retail Media
1 min 54 secs
The Growth Opportunity
3 min 1 sec
The Ad Perspective
3 min 28 secs
Walmart Connect

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