Q3 Insights Recap: 'And' not 'Or' - How brands can adapt to volatile consumer behavior.
Today’s landscape is creating some big questions for how to best reach shoppers in a volatile market. With interest rates on the rise and a world bracing for economic decline, it gets more challenging to predict consumer reaction by the day. Savvy marketers are taking proactive steps now to mitigate this recessionary impact. To continue to reach shoppers, many are finding that an ‘and’ not ‘or’ approach works best.
Trends & Opportunities
The changing market landscape persists and forces consumer reassessment

Canada and the wider world continue to see an economic downturn. This downturn will likely be sustained into 2023 and beyond. In turn, this changing market has created shifts for shoppers. Both high and low income shoppers are looking for value when spending.

For high income shoppers this means seeking retailers who can offer value both in terms of convenience and price. Low- income shoppers are also increasingly more price sensitive.

Brand Opportunity:
With high-income shoppers shifting retailers, brands can reintroduce themselves to a new audience.

Consumers are making informed decisions

As a consequence of our shifting economic landscape, shoppers are making more informed decisions about their purchases. They are seeking value online and in store and are open to being introduced to new brands who can provide it. At every turn, value is top of mind and shopper are willing to put in the time to consider what purchases are right for them.

Brand Opportunity:
Show shoppers you care for their price anxiety by helping them discover product information online.

Multichannel activity means thinking ‘And’ not ‘Or’

Shoppers are continuing to use an omni-channel approach to research online and are then seeking inspiration in stores. Options like buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS) allow them to both research their purchases and potentially engage with the in-store experience. Advertising at multiple customer touchpoints along the path to purchase creates the best outcome for brands who want to reach and engage the increasingly valuable omnichannel shopper.

Brand Opportunity:
Creating meaningful touchpoints for shoppers online can create seamless integration with their in-store shopping experience.

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